London – 4th June 2024 – MCP Insight, a leading provider of market intel, compliance and anti-fraud tools, and the Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments (aimm), a specialist UK trade association, today announced the formation of a working group focused on the responsible use of Google Responsive Display Ads (RDA) within the mVAS/DCB sector.

The Google Ad Creation and Placement Working Group, open to aimm members, is tasked with improving ad clarity, reducing consumer confusion, and optimising campaigns through industry collaboration.

Joanna Cox, General Manager of aimm said, “We’re concerned that because of factors affecting the creation and placement of these ads, there are potential areas for consumer harm or wasted ad spend. The purpose of aimm is to build consumer confidence and trust so our members can grow their businesses and thrive. That’s why we, alongside MCP, have initiated this working group to ensure this advertising channel is delivering positive experiences for both consumers and advertisers.”


MCP Insight has identified instances where the size and placement of RDA banners closely resemble native website content. Consumers might mistakenly click on a Call to Action (CTA) button believing it belongs to the original website.

“Concerns also exist around the clarity of mandatory compliance elements, stipulated by mobile carriers, within certain responsive ads,” explained Toby Padgham, Director at MCP Insight. “This is not necessarily the fault of advertisers; more often the problem lies within the format and placement of these ads.

“The working group is being formed to explore these issues and, where possible, agree best practice to mitigate the risk of consumer complaints and regulatory scrutiny. At MCP, we firmly believe proactive self-regulation is far preferable to the risk of regulators taking action that could restrict or even shut down this valuable advertising channel.”


The working group will also look at another issue affecting consumers and advertisers. Google RDAs use optimised targeting to place ads on high-conversion websites and apps. However, some unscrupulous publishers exploit the algorithm by building websites specifically designed to maximise ad conversions. This results in a poor experience for consumers and advertisers alike.

aimm and MCP Insight believe that by developing and adopting best practice it would reduce the conversion rates of unscrupulous publisher sites, thereby reducing complaints and protecting advertising spend.

The inaugural meeting of the Google Ad Creation and Placement Working Group is on 11th June 2024. aimm members interested in participating can still register by contacting:

About aimm:

Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments (aimm) is the specialist trade association for the interactive media and micropayment industries in the UK. It is a not-for-profit organisation, funded and run by its members. The objectives of aimm are to create conditions for growth and protect the regulatory environment in which its members operate.

About MCP Insight:

MCP Insight is a market-leading provider of market intelligence, ad compliance monitoring and anti-fraud solutions, empowering mobile network operators, aggregators and brands to protect their businesses and consumers, and build a secure and sustainable mobile payments ecosystem.

For media inquiries please contact:

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