MCP Insight Launches MCP SCANNER 3.1 

New Functionality Enhances the User Experience 

London, 06 October 2023: MCP Insight is delighted to launch the latest version of MCP SCANNER, 3.1. Now live across all geos, MCP SCANNER 3.1 features new functionality to enhance the user experience and help clients across the mVAS/DCB value chain access valuable market intel easily. 

“We continually invest in our technology to ensure our clients get the highest quality data and insights so they can monitor mVAS trends and super-charge their decision-making. The improvements in SCANNER 3.1 are primarily focussed on the user experience, ensuring our clients can access this data in an intuitive way, and act on it”

Toby Padgham, Chief Operations Officer at MCP Insight

MCP SCANNER provides the most comprehensive data available in the industry, combining automated and manual monitoring to ensure accuracy and to deliver meaningful insights.  

First launched in 2015, MCP SCANNER is the market-leading mVAS ad monitoring platform and has helped thousands of marketers capture valuable market intel and meet compliance requirements since its inception. 

Content Providers, Payment Aggregators, Mobile Carriers and Regulators use MCP SCANNER for new market insights, competitor analysis and to boost campaign performance. MCP also offers a compliance monitoring service, powered by MCP SCANNER, for companies to monitor ads for compliance issues and protect customers and mVAS/DCB revenues from fraudulent and non-compliant activities. 

The MCP SCANNER 3.1 update has been driven by MCP’s Head of Technology, Faisal Ameer. Speaking about the launch he said: “I want to thank my team for all their hard work designing, testing and implementing 3.1, but also everyone who has contributed their input including clients and the wider MCP team. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology to our clients, so we actively listen to feedback to ensure we are delivering exactly what they need.” 

MCP SCANNER is currently live in over 30 countries and territories, with new geos added on a regular basis to support MCP’s clients’ growth strategies. Contact your Account Manager to find out more. 

About MCP Insight: 

MCP is a leader in market intelligence, fraud prevention and regulatory risk management for the mobile payments space. Trusted by brands across the entire mobile ecosystem, MCP’s solutions protect revenue, protect customers and protect brands. MCP works with companies throughout the mVAS/DCB value chain monitor, manage and protect the entire customer journey, from advertising campaigns, to landing page, payment page and billing. With MCP, mobile carriers, payment aggregators, merchants and regulators get visibility and valuable insights to unlock sustainable carrier billing growth. 

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