MCP working with Industry to stop children being exposed to inappropriate Premium Rate Service Advertising

MCP is working with Industry, Network Operators and PSA to help advertisers manage their approach to inappropriate advertising in children’s digital channels. The focus is on efforts to apply best practice to control where ads appear – including PSA Guidance, ongoing monitoring and the application of ‘block lists’.

The generally held view is that Advertisers are not intentionally targeting children, as this is counter-productive and a waste of advertising budget. The main challenge for advertisers in exerting advertising control is that it is often not within their power to do so. Unless changes are made by the large direct-buy media platforms to help advertisers in this venture, ensuring 100% compliance is not a reasonable expectation.

PSA has made it clear, that as with age-restricted advertising, advertisers need to demonstrate they have robust processes around advertising placement.

MCP will join Industry, mobile operators and PSA at an EE hosted Roundtable meeting on
21st November to discuss the issue. MCP will present findings from monitoring the effectiveness of current advertising controls and give an update on progress made with the MCP Federated Kids Database (FKDB – a cross Industry shared list of kids apps and sites to support improved blocking).

For more information contact Declan Pettit :


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