market monitoring for VAS and DCB campaigns

Market intel to benchmark your advertising campaigns against competitors’ and monitor market trends in over 30 territories.

Global market monitoring for VAS and DCB
Benchmark competitors’ campaigns
Compare Ad flows/calls to action
Assess specific payment tools used​
Scans all the key traffic channels
1.5 M user journeys tested monthly

MCP TRENDS provides market monitoring for VAS and DCB advertising campaigns at scale. To provide you with insights on the major players, existing services and new services coming to market.

MCP TRENDS captures VAS/DCB promotions from advert > landing page > payment page to help you benchmark your campaigns against your competitors’ and monitor global market trends.

MCP TRENDS scans all advertising channels including social media platforms, Google and other key traffic sources.

Content Providers and Affiliates looking for quantitative and qualitative intel can monitor all services and activity in an intuitive and customisable portal.

Intelligence Centre

1,500,000+ VAS tests monthly

Market intel

Top 10 brands per sector ranked by Ad traffic source & top 10 services & market share comparisons

New campaigns

The last 8 weeks of advertising campaigns

Competitor benchmarking

Filtered by date/sector/country/

Campaign tracker tool

To track where Affiliates are advertising

Service testing

In video/screenshot format + loading page time analysis tool

Flow grouping

To identify the most successful flows

Online portal

Intuitive and customisable portal to monitor all services and activity.


  • MCP TRENDS is the light version of MCP SCANNER, our ad monitoring and compliance tool
  • Powered by our cutting-edge technology, MCP TRENDS is perfect for Content Service Providers and Affiliates looking for quantitative and qualitative intel on their market
  • Finds are filtered by sector, product type, brands, mobile operator and ad network
  • Daily advertising statistics analyse top performing brands, new brands, traffic sources and service type
  • We scan all the key advertising channels and traffic sources including Google and social media platforms
  • Monthly reports show data captured for brands, service type, network operator and traffic sources


We are constantly evaluating new territories, and extending our global reach

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