risk management, brand protection and revenue optimisation

Risk management, brand protection and revenue optimisation for mobile operators and aggregators

Risk management and brand protection
Reduce customer complaints
Protect brand and increase customer satisfaction
Grow revenue securely and sustainably
Ensure regulatory responsibilities are met
Reduce customer service and refund costs
Monitor partner services and advertising compliance to protect your brand and improve revenue.

MCP NET gives Mobile Operators and Aggregators full visibility on all their partners’ advertising and service campaigns, access to crucial data around the customer journey and any compliance issues, as well as competitor analysis and market trends.

Map the entire customer experience from presales to customer care, reducing complaints and refunds.

DDRAC secure storage

Auditable, Tamperproof Data Management System (partner accreditation, security audits)

On-boarding portal

For your partners’ services – visibility down chain

Risk Management Matrix

For prioritising tests. Centrally stored for future reference

Shortcodes Management

Control and visibility to manage and optimise shortcodes

Escalation Management Platform

Audit trail of action taken to identify, notify and rectify compliance issues


Code of Practice & compliance advice

Governance reporting

MCP NET dashboard and extensive reporting on compliance status, risk and performance


  • MCP works our clients to build a framework for controlled and sustainable business growth
  • MCP NET provides visibility over the entire mobile ecosystem
  • Monitoring your partner ad campaigns for non-compliant content
  • Protect your customers from fraud
  • Verify user consent
  • Get valuable market insights and trends

Powered by MCP SCANNER

MCP NET is underpinned by MCP SCANNER technology with auto and manual testing.


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