Real-time detection of fraudulent payment transactions

Anti-fraud for mobile payments, VAS and DCB
200+ fraud variables monitored
Used on over 45 mobile networks
15,000 + malicious apps identified daily
You choose what to block
Protect your mobile customers from fraud
MCP SHIELD protects your brand and customers from mobile payment fraud, detecting unusual behaviour and allowing you to decide whether to block a transaction or not.

Utilising cutting-edge technology – AI, machine learning and fraud intelligence – MCP SHIELD works in real-time to detect and enable the blocking of fraudulent payment transactions from malicious and suspicious traffic sources.

With an intuitive analytics portal and a simple implementation process, MCP SHIELD detects unexpected changes and actions on your service landing or payment page. It determines whether a payment request is legitimate or fraudulent by monitoring the activity of the alleged consumer and by logging whether the consent is bot or human in a transaction assessment.

Duel mode

Advise or block

OTP option

Fraudulent PIN entry detection

Real-time reasons

200 parameters with over 60 frequently spoofed

Fraud stopped in real-time

Little requirement to unsubscribe AFTER the event

Grading of fraud
Fraud 'groupings'

Over 250 common reasons detected

Real-time alarms

For new groupings

Split analysis

For APK traffic - spoofing, hiding

MCP SHIELD helps you

  • Grow revenue securely
  • Protect brand and increase customers satisfaction (NPS score)
  • Reduce complaints and customer service and refund costs
  • Increase conversion rates and clear affiliate traffic
  • Ensure regulatory responsibilities are met
  • Billions of mobile customers protected every day


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