Mobile Network Operators

Protect customers and capitalise on the evolving mVAS/DCB market.

Mobile Value-Added Services (mVAS) and direct carrier billing help Mobile Network Operators unlock new revenue streams and strengthen financial performance. As well as boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

However, fraudulent activities in the mVAS value chain can pose substantial threats to Network Operators including customer complaints, regulatory scrutiny and financial repercussions. These challenges can impede market entry, causing brand damage and customer churn.

MCP Insight offers tailored solutions for Mobile Network Operators to protect customers and capitalise on the evolving mVAS and direct carrier billing (DCB) market.

Our services help you:


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Fraudulent and non-compliant activities on the mVAS advertising flow can result in consumers being charged unfairly for services or products, risking financial harm and eroding trust. MCP SCANNER helps Mobile Network Operators identify issues and act before they turn into complaints.

  • MCP SCANNER monitors direct carrier billing flows from ad banner to payment page and beyond, monitoring traffic across your network.
  • MCP SCANNER leverages manual and automated scanning to determine the level of compliance according to local rules.
  • MCP SCANNER notifies you in real-time when it identifies fraudulent or non-compliant content.
  • MCP SCANNER records the entire customer journey, logs each compliance issue and provides a dashboard for monitoring and managing traffic on your network.

Risk management

Mobile Network Operators face increased scrutiny from regulators if they fail to adequately address the risks associated with mVAS and DCB. Powered by our market-leading MCP SCANNER technology, MCP NET, goes beyond compliance monitoring, providing a risk management platform with enhanced functionality for managing the DCB value chain and protecting your brand.

  • MCP NET offers a robust platform for onboarding new partners and services, as well as monitoring live services.

  • MCP NET provides an escalation management platform, storing an audit trail of actions taken to identify, notify and rectify compliance issues.

  • MCP NET includes an auditable, tamperproof data management system (DDRC Secure Storage) for partner accreditation, security audits and other documentation. 

  • MCP NET provides visibility over the entire mVAS/DCB ecosystem with an intuitive dashboard and extensive reporting for monitoring compliance status, risk and performance. 



Fraud on DCB payment pages results in customer complaints and revenue loss, compromising trust and damaging brand reputation. MCP SHIELD, our anti-fraud solution, blocks suspicious behaviour and protects your customers and your DCB revenue streams from bad actors.

  • MCP SHIELD works in real-time to detect suspicious behaviour on your payment pages from malicious traffic sources.
  • MCP SHIELD allows you to set your own parameters and block traffic aligned with your risk appetite.
  • MCP SHIELD reduces customer complaints and helps you build sustainable DCB revenue.
Anti-fraud for mobile payments, VAS and DCB

DDRC as a Service

Budgetary and time constraints often demote Due Diligence and Risk Control (DDRC) to a secondary priority—until things go wrong. MCP’s DDRC as a Service elevates this critical function, ensuring regulatory requirements are met, while remaining cost-effective. Our Compliance Team handle all your DDRC processes to ensure customers and DCB revenue streams are protected.

  • DDRC as a Service streamlines new partner accreditation and onboarding to ensure they are reputable and can meet your Code of Conduct and compliance requirements.
  • DDRC as a Service includes security checks and PEN testing covering director checks throughout the entire value chain and penetration testing on all platforms. All documentation is stored in an auditable and tamperproof data management system.
  • DDRC as a Service rigorously tests new services to identify any issues before they go live. Then continuously monitors them for any subsequent changes, which may impact their compliance status.
  • DDRC as a Service manages the escalation and resolution process for you and provides a central platform for demonstrating compliance, reducing the risk associated with an audit.


Protecting your customers and DCB revenue streams is business-critical. Complaints about fraudulent activity can result in far-reaching consequences from regulatory fines to customer churn. MCP Insight is a trusted partner with a proven track record in safeguarding mobile ecosystems. Our expertise in fraud prevention, compliance, and customer protection ensures a secure environment, which is why Mobile Network Operators choose MCP Insight as a strategic partner to protect their mVAS/DCB value chain.