3rd party consent verification and recording of the user journey on landing, PIN and payment pages

Consent management platform
Real-time recording of the user journey
Meet regulatory requirements
Reduce customer complaints and refunds
Manage customer care effectively

Authenticate the user’s consent to opt-in to a service and record the user journey with MCP VERIFY.

MCP VERIFY is our consent management platform. It provides brands with a full audit trail of each user journey on your site, on any device, in line with regulatory compliance requirements

MCP VERIFY certifies the whole user journey in real-time, providing transparent proof in video format and log details, as or when required.

MCP VERIFY can also be incorporated with MCP SHIELD fraud protection. Creating an all-in-one protected environment.

Real-time alerts

When we detect unauthorised changes to landing or payment pages

Full video audit trail

Of each individual user’s journey on your site

Device agnostic

Can also accommodate click, MO, PIN, USSD – for PSMS and DCB

Logs terms & proof of consent

For each individual user, meets 3rd party verification requirements

Records and stores

Each user journey, allowing for regulatory inspection of interactions

You're in control

The client maintains control of the session

MSISDN lookup facility

To provide verification records

Available worldwide

Quick and easy to integrate into the user journey with no increase in friction


  • MCP VERIFY records exactly what happened on landing/PIN/payment pages for each individual user – certifying the whole user journey in real-time and providing transparent proof in video format
  • Logs the Terms at the time of each individual transaction
  • Provides vital 3rd party verification required by most regulators to avoid any claims of conflict of interests where parties involved in the value chain are verifying their own traffic
  • Records not only the user journey but also all the log information (type of handset, browser OS, IP etc…)
  • Bespoke platform for Customer Care with MSISDN look up to access all the information, improve response time and reduce refunds

ADD MCP SHIELD FOR complete security

MCP VERIFY works with SHIELD to detect and block fraudulent activities and protect your brand


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