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mVAS and DCB: How to Build Trust with Your Customers

As global adoption rates of mobile Value-Added Services (mVAS) and DCB continue to soar, perceived issues such as fraud and misleading mVAS ads can quickly erode customer confidence. In this article, we explore how to build customer trust with due diligence and risk control (DDRC) best practices.

Opportunities in the LATAM market for mobile value-added services (mVAS) 

Discover the growth opportunities in the Latin American (LATAM) market for mobile value-added services (mVAS). With a focus on mobile carriers, we explore the benefits, regulatory landscape, and strategies for combating fraud. Harness the potential of mVAS and maximise your presence in this thriving market.

Ensuring trust and transparency: DDRC best practice

Discover DDRC best practices for mobile carriers to ensure trust and transparency in direct carrier billing. Learn how robust Due Diligence and Risk Control (DDRC) can protect your customers, prevent brand damage, and foster self-regulation.

How to improve customer retention in the mobile services space

If you want to improve your customer retention rates for mobile services in 2023, the first step is to review your customer care strategies.

Mobile billing fraud: “I didn’t subscribe for this service”

Not all complaints about mobile billing charges are fraudulent, there are many reasons a customer might query a charge. Here we explore a common misunderstanding and how to resolve it.

‘How can the Industry Build Trust with Consumers?’

MCP Insight are chairing a round table discussion on the question ‘How can the Industry Build Trust with Consumers?’, on behalf of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) at the Global Carrier Billing Virtual Event on Wednesday 7th October at 3PM BST. Join MCP’s Brian Pettit and other Industry experts, to discuss what steps carriers and merchants…