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Anti-fraud for mobile payments, VAS and DCB
MEF CONNECTS: The Future of Fraud Prevention

Watch on demand. MCP recently took part in MEF CONNECTS The Future of Fraud Prevention. Here you can watch our speakers discuss how fraud impacts mVAS customer journey, and how robust DDRC practices can mitigate against the risks.

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Compliance Guidance

Stay on the right side of the regulator with our general guidance sharing direct carrier billing DCB compliance best practices.

Ensuring trust and transparency: DDRC best practice

Discover DDRC best practices for mobile carriers to ensure trust and transparency in direct carrier billing. Learn how robust Due Diligence and Risk Control (DDRC) can protect your customers, prevent brand damage, and foster self-regulation.

MCP Welcomes Potential Benefits of Premium Rate Regulatory Responsibility Transferring from PSA to OFCOM

MCP welcomes the announcement that UK Mobile Billing Regulator, the Phone-Paid Services Authority (PSA), is to commence the process of handing back the day-to-day regulation of the market to Ofcom. The expected transfer date is late 2023.

UK – Is Your Business 15th Code Ready?

It’s said the best poker players are entrepreneurs. They excel in understanding that the most important insights are not in the grand gestures, but in the subtle tells that give away the real intent. So, I’m sure that many Telemedia readers will already be reading between the lines on the regulator’s 15th Code. International players may…

Business Opportunity – Ivory Coast

Are you a Content Provider interested in expanding your business? Have you considered Ivory Coast? Take a look at some extracts from this presentation we recently presented at Telemedia 8.1 in collaboration with our partner Bizao, one of Ivory Coast’s top VAS payment aggregators. MCP Insight have been helping Bizao to ensure a safe, protected…

PSA Introduce Special Conditions for Subscriptions

PSA, the UK mobile billing regulator are introducing special conditions for subscription services with effect from 1st November in the UK. It includes requirements for a two-stage sign-up process where the first stage requires a PIN opt-in. This must be followed by a second opt-in at confirmation stage. Also, greater clarity is required in ensuring…

Real-Time Auto Alerts for Inappropriate Ad Placements on Adult Sites

We are pleased to announce that for our MCPScanner clients, we now offer a complimentary service to alert you in real-time when we discover your ads in inappropriate Adult environments. MCP Insight scans advertising and alerts clients when inappropriate advertising is discovered on any channel. We know that any delay in dealing with these issues…

MCP – There’s a time to buy and a time to build – the trick is knowing which one to choose

In October 2017, MCP announced the release of their Federated Kids Database (FKDB) – in support of a cross Industry initiative to help Advertisers block inappropriate advertising in children’s digital channels; with the key aims being the lowering of related Industry complaints to mobile operators and the regulator PSA. We are delighted to say: Implementation…

MCP working with Industry to stop children being exposed to inappropriate Premium Rate Service Advertising

MCP is working with Industry, Network Operators and PSA to help advertisers manage their approach to inappropriate advertising in children’s digital channels. The focus is on efforts to apply best practice to control where ads appear – including PSA Guidance, ongoing monitoring and the application of ‘block lists’. The generally held view is that Advertisers…