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Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Compliance Guidance

Stay on the right side of the regulator with our general guidance sharing direct carrier billing DCB compliance best practices.

Opportunities in the LATAM market for mobile value-added services (mVAS) 

Discover the growth opportunities in the Latin American (LATAM) market for mobile value-added services (mVAS). With a focus on mobile carriers, we explore the benefits, regulatory landscape, and strategies for combating fraud. Harness the potential of mVAS and maximise your presence in this thriving market.

Ensuring trust and transparency: DDRC best practice

Discover DDRC best practices for mobile carriers to ensure trust and transparency in direct carrier billing. Learn how robust Due Diligence and Risk Control (DDRC) can protect your customers, prevent brand damage, and foster self-regulation.

How to protect your customers and build trust in carrier billing 

Solutions to prevent Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) payment fraud can be expensive. However, while often difficult to quantify, fraud costs mobile carriers money too. Read our blog to learn more about the threat landscape and the affordable solutions available to protect your customers, revenue and brand.

The rise of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Direct Carrier Billing is an increasingly mainstream alternative payment method. In this article we explore the opportunity it presents for mobile carriers and aggregators, and how DCB is no longer just for digital services but physical goods too.

MTN South Africa sees positive change in marketing trends

In the last six months MTN South Africa has experienced a decrease in advertising campaigns on its network. However, an uplift in campaigns in the last two months is a positive sign that its VAS and DCB challenges have been resolved.

Demystifying mobile payments terminology: your ultimate glossary from A to Z

Discover the A to Z of mobile payments terminology! From APIs to VAS, our comprehensive glossary provides a handy reference for understanding the jargon in the mobile payments space.

Unlocking the benefits of Direct Carrier Billing: a MNO’s guide

Learn about the benefits of Direct Carrier Billing for mobile operators, the impact on the industry and how it can help mobile operators grow.

Global Carrier Billing Summit 2022

The MCP Insight team is looking to attending the Global Carrier Billing Summit in Berlin. Here we share our top picks for event and how to book a meeting with our team.

An interview with mobile billing expert Riccardo Vallero

In this interview mobile billing expert, Riccardo Vallaro, talks about his 18 years in the VAS and DCB space and how MCP Insight are tackling fraud.