Advertising compliance monitoring to identify breaches and fraudulent activities

Plus market intel for competitor benchmarking and market insights

Ensure regulatory responsibilities are met
Protect brand and increase customer satisfaction
Review global market trends
Benchmark competitors’ campaigns
Identify fraudulent activities before they adversely impact your brand
1.5 M user journeys tested monthly

MCP SCANNER monitors advertising campaigns for breaches of regulatory compliance and fraudulent activities.

MCP SCANNER scans all digital media advertising channels to provide in depth insights into the user journey: from the initial advertisement or social media post to the payment or subscription page.

It also provides the latest competitive analysis via MCP TRENDS to help you benchmark your campaigns against your competitors’ and to monitor market trends.

Intelligence Centre

1,500,000+ VAS tests monthly

Compliance auditing

Full-service compliance auditing in video/screenshot format

Compliance scoring

Ad flows scored for compliance

Real-time alerts

Notifications of compliance issues

Campaign tracker tool

To ensure Affiliates are adhering to rules

Summary reports

Plus access to own account manager

Market Intel

Top 10 brands per sector ranked by Ad traffic source & top 10 services & market share comparisons


Ads monitored across Browser, In-App, Social Media, Search, YouTube


  • Intelligence Centre: 1,500,000+ VAS tests monthly
  • Ads monitored across Browser, In-App,Social Media, Search, YouTube
  • Full service compliance auditing in video/screenshot format
  • Ad flows flows scored for compliance –yellow/red
  • Campaign tracker tool to ensure Affiliates are adhering to rules
  • Summary reports plus access to your own account manager
  • Top 10 Brands Per Sector ranked by Ad traffic source
  • Top 10 Services & Market Share comparisons
  • New Advertising Campaigns – last 8 weeks


We are constantly evaluating new territories, and extending our global reach.

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