Ivory Coast – Business Opportunity Update

Are you a Content Provider interested in expanding your business? Have you considered Ivory Coast? We recently presented at Telemedia 8.1 and in the video below, MCP Insight Account Manager Thomas Tinker takes you through the opportunities in Ivory Coast, how MCP Insight can provide compliance support for your business, plus details of our collaboration with Bizao – one of Ivory Coast’s top VAS payment aggregators.

In summary, Ivory Coast offers:

  • Excellent mobile subscription growth
  • DCB 2 click flows
  • The opportunity to work with Bizao, an aggregator experienced in the market and in expansion across Africa
  • The opportunity to be part of a successful partnership protecting revenues with MCP Insight and Bizao


MCP Insight have been helping Bizao to ensure a safe, protected C2M environment by providing advertising compliance and anti-fraud support for Bizao and selected aggregation clients for the past 12 months in Ivory Coast and other North African territories including; Cameroon, Senegal and Tunisia.

Bizao’s clients that implement MCP Scanner and MCP Shield can not only protect their business from fraud and compliance issues, but also have access to all market trends and flows of their competitors.

Interested in finding out more? Send us a message via our enquiries page and our team will be happy to send you the full 20 page report for free.

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MCP Insight is a UK based compliance and fraud monitoring company, specialising in mobile gateway traffic. Our clients include Mobile Operators, Regulators, Aggregators and Merchants. We’ve been providing solutions to the mobile payments industry across 30 territories for the past six years.

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