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PIN Loop Service

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PIN Loop Service

You will be aware of Carriers’ worldwide move towards a PIN mechanic in response to increased fraud on the ‘click flow’ mechanic. Additionally, PSA, the UK regulator’s new Special Conditions for subscription services came into effect from 1st November and includes the requirement for a two-stage sign-up process where the first stage requires an opt-in using either a PIN, account and password.

MCP’s VERIFY solution is a tamper proof PIN loop service (operating successfully in the UK for past 5 years and is approved by PSA to validate purchase/opt-in consent) has been upgraded to include:

  • Fraud detection build in
  • Screen grabs for verifying ts&cs before consent
  • Landing page change alerts
  • Compatible for psms and DCB
  • Seamless overseas functionality

Please get in contact if you would like further details.

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