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IP Address Double Shuffle – MCP logs surge in NEW fraud


IP Address Double Shuffle – MCP logs surge in NEW fraud

MCP Shield has noted a surge in examples of a novel type of fraud across 9 Geos (see image), where we are seeing IP-shifting in a single transaction.

  1. A transaction is initiated from a Digital Ocean Datacentre (pretending to be on a proper ‘gateway’).
  2. The events then triggered for this transaction come from a different IP, for example, a Linode
  3. The transaction then ends back from the original Digital Ocean Datacentre

This is quite elegant stuff – and we are seeing this now in over 9 Geos 

Faisal Ameer – MCP Insight Technical Manager.


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MCP Insight is a UK based compliance and fraud monitoring company, specialising in mobile gateway traffic. Our clients include Mobile Operators, Regulators, Aggregators and Merchants. We’ve been providing solutions to the mobile payments industry across 30 territories for the past six years.

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