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PSA Introduce Special Conditions for Subscriptions

PSA Introduce Special Conditions for Subscriptions

PSA, the UK mobile billing regulator are introducing special conditions for subscription services with effect from 1st November in the UK.

It includes requirements for a two-stage sign-up process where the first stage requires a PIN opt-in. This must be followed by a second opt-in at confirmation stage. Also, greater clarity is required in ensuring that consumers are aware they are in a payment environment and signing up to a phone-paid subscription. Additionally, a receipt must be issued after every charge.

Our MCP VERIFY service has been operating successfully in the UK for the past 5 years – and is approved by PSA to validate L2 (Content Service Providers) statements on opt-ins. Not only does it satisfy all three requirements above, we can also offer further robustness to the process:

  • Unique verification message in Q/A format (virtual captcha), requiring a simple human response
  • Change alerts: Any changes to pre-agreed landing page triggers a notification sent with a snapshot
  • Realtime fraud detection: We will alert you immediately if we suspect fraudulent activity (even if PIN is being used)

For more information contact Declan Pettit

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