Balancing retaining good revenue and reducing mobile content fraud

Join MCP Insight and the MEF’s DCB Fraud Working Group on Telemedia 8.1 to discover best practices for defence against fraud

MCP Insight’s Brian Pettit (Technical Director) will be part of a Telemedia 8.1 panel discussion with other MEF members on Thursday 26 November at 10:30 GMT on Balancing retaining good revenue and reducing mobile content fraud.

MCP Insight is proud to be sponsoring Telemedia 8.1’s Security and Fraud Series and are confident this session will prove invaluable to members of the mobile content industry keen to get ahead of fraudsters.

If you have any questions about the event or any of MCP Insight’s products or services, please contact Thomas Tinker at

MCP Insight is a UK based compliance and fraud monitoring company, specialising in mobile gateway traffic. Our clients include Mobile Operators, Regulators, Aggregators and Merchants. We’ve been providing solutions to the mobile payments industry across 30 territories for the past six years.

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