Global Carrier Billing Summit 2022

Once again the MCP Insight team is looking forward to the Global Carrier Billing Summit which this year is in-person on the 27th and 28th September, in Berlin. After last year’s hybrid event, it will be great to return to the usual format and make the most of live networking, inspiring keynotes and roundtables, and the exhibition.

Our top picks for GCBS 2022

If you haven’t attended GCBS before, it’s a great opportunity to meet with mobile network operators, digital merchants, content providers, trade bodies, analysts and technology providers to learn, be inspired and drive the success of your own operations.

While the team at MCP Insight will be on our stand in the exhibition hall, we’ll also be attending the conference sessions. One of the key trends we’re interested in is the customer journey and specifically how to improve customer satisfaction. Two of the sessions at GCBS 2022 touch on this subject, they are:

Maximisation of customer satisfaction via DCB

Amelia Newsom-Davis, Director Payment, Messaging and Identity at Orange France

27 September 2022 09:35 – 09:55

This session, on the opening day of GCBS, explores customer care and how this can boost confidence in DCB, as well why the customer journey doesn’t start and end at the payment page.

How can DCB win the payment privacy battle?

Roberto Monge, Chief Operations Officer at Telecoming

Tuesday, 27 September 2022 09:55 – 10:15

Customers are increasingly concerned about how their personal data is used and want reassurance that companies not only protect their information but also process data in a fair and transparent way. The privacy experience is now part of the customer journey, this session explores the impact on DCB.

An important part of what we do at MCP Insight for our partners, is to provide guidance on how to build trust and confidence in direct carrier payments and improve customer satisfaction. It’s great to see this subject taking centre stage at GCBS as well as sessions sharing market insights and opportunities.


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