MCP tragically loses two valued colleagues in a car accident

Hi Everyone,

In August two of my work colleagues, Mansoor and Sami, tragically lost their lives in a car accident.

Over the last few weeks I have witnessed our MCP Pakistan team rally round to support each other (some of whom were also involved in the tragic event), but most importantly to offer their respects and what comfort they can to Sami and Mansoor’s families. Respect to you all.

Sami and Mansoor’s families are left with a huge emotional void to fill and they have also lost the significant financial support their boys provided. Like most westerners my family’s lives are underpinned by a social security fabric, which ideally helps them continue should such tragedy strike. There is no such support in Pakistan and therefore dependence from close relatives and friends increases.

When I look at the photos of Mansoor and Sami I am reminded of how they were ultimate professionals and approached all tasks with vigour and a ‘can do’ attitude. So, aside from MCP doing its bit to support, I have therefore given myself the challenge of completing a triathlon to raise money for their families, a little pain for me (next to no training – it’s in 2 weeks time – 16th September) but hopefully it will create a meaningful contribution to their families.

This request may not resonate with you in the typical way a known charity can, however hopefully you’ll agree with my desire to help those in need even if they may be so remote to you personally.

Best wishes,



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