Author: Toby Padgham

The Future Regulation of UK Phone-paid Services 

Draft PRS Order introduces changes: levy funding, risk assessments, registration, penalties, and Ofcom takeover, reshaping phone-paid services regulation.

How to improve customer retention in the mobile services space

If you want to improve your customer retention rates for mobile services in 2023, the first step is to review your customer care strategies.

12 days of Christmas giveaways (and misleading ads)

The MCP elves share some of the many Christmas misleading ads they've discovered this year, and why they think The Grinch has been at work. Explore these examples and why misleading ads are damaging for everyone in the DCB ecosystem.

Mobile billing fraud: “I didn’t subscribe for this service”

Not all complaints about mobile billing charges are fraudulent, there are many reasons a customer might query a charge. Here we explore a common misunderstanding and how to resolve it.

Asiacell Iraq partners with MCP Insight

Asiacell, the prominent Mobile Carrier in Iraq, has selected MCP to provide their anti-fraud and compliance monitoring solutions for Asiacell’s Value Added Services and Direct Carrier Billing services.

STC Kuwait – a Case Study in Building Better DCB Traffic

The following case study shows how the combination of our MCP Net (powered by MCP Scanner) and MCP Shield solutions supports our clients in tackling DCB advertising and payment fraud. In 2018, a rise in DCB complaints prompted STC Kuwait to consider its strategy to safeguard its consumers from potential DCB advertising and payment fraud.…

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Roundtable

By invitation of MEF, MCP Insight chaired an interesting roundtable session at the GCBS virtual event last week. Joining the roundtable were mobile operators, including Three, Ooredoo, EE, Etisalat, Telenor, T-Mobile and Orange. All these companies share a common priority, which is protecting their massive brands and maintaining the maximum trust of their customers. This…

MCP tragically loses two valued colleagues in a car accident

Hi Everyone, In August two of my work colleagues, Mansoor and Sami, tragically lost their lives in a car accident. Over the last few weeks I have witnessed our MCP Pakistan team rally round to support each other (some of whom were also involved in the tragic event), but most importantly to offer their respects…