MEF CONNECTS: The Future of Fraud Prevention

Earlier this month, MCP was delighted to attend the Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s MEF CONNECTS The Future of Fraud Prevention event in London.

In response to the rise in mobile fraud, growing concern from consumers and increased regulatory interest (and accompanying fines), the event explored best practices and solutions to help companies in the value chain protect their business, their customers and their brands from fraud. It was a great day with lots of expert insight, lively debate and interesting conversions about how different parties in the mobile ecosystem can work together to eliminate fraud and increase consumer trust.

MCP’s Declan Pettit and David Ashman joined the discussion and shared their expertise on the subjects of HOW BAD IS FRAUD IN THE MVAS ADVERTISING JOURNEY? and DUE DILIGENCE AND RISK CONTROL FOR MOBILE OPERATORS. Recordings of these sessions are now available and can be viewed below.


MCP Director, Declan Pettit, kicked off MCP’s contribution with a presentation looking at how fraudulent activities impact the customer journey in the mVAS space: as well as the solutions that can protect both customers and brands from the main types of fraud perpetrated in the advertising channel.

If you would like to learn more about the threats and the solutions, please get in touch here or contact Declan directly:


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Later in the day, Head of Compliance at MCP Insight David Ashman, took to the stage to share his experience managing due diligence and risk control (DDRC) on behalf of mobile carriers operating in the mVAS/DCB arena.

As he discussed, the cost of investing in DDRC is negligible compared to the significant financial risks associated with non-compliance, as evidenced by recent fines handed out by the regulators in the UK.

To learn more about DDRC best practice and to explore how to apply these measures across your DCB value chain, get in touch with MCP or contact David directly:


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For copies of the presentations or other resources, please contact us here.

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