Author: Thomas Tinker

Why Are You Falling Foul of Google Ads Policies?

With 27 policies in place, it's not surprising that marketers occasionally fall foul of Google Ads Policies. Here we provide some guidance for successfully navigating them.

Market Intel: Nigeria

Nigeria, the "Giant of Africa", offers significant opportunities for carriers, aggregators and content providers looking to grow mVAS revenue. Here we share some unique insights into this growing market.

Market insights: Greece

MCP SCANNER is now live in Greece. Have a look at some of the market intel we've generated since the service went live here to see what VAS services in Greece we're finding.

An interview with mobile billing expert Riccardo Vallero

In this interview mobile billing expert, Riccardo Vallaro, talks about his 18 years in the VAS and DCB space and how MCP Insight are tackling fraud.

New Proximus Payment Flow Sees 90% Reduction in Advertising

Effective 13th of May, the carrier Proximus Belgium introduced new requirements for its Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) payment flow. The Proximus official statement (released end of March 2022), stated that the old ‘click flow’ was “..a frequent source of end-customer complaints and a source of questioning by journalists, both posing a risk to Proximus’s reputation”. The…

MCP Insight Launches SCANNER 3.0

MCP Insight, which specialises in anti-fraud and compliance systems, has made significant upgrades to its market intelligence tool, MCP Scanner (now version 3.0). This will be available to clients from 28th February, 2022. Scanner has underpinned MCP’s expansion to 30 countries, supporting mobile content partners and mobile operators with key market intel and compliance monitoring. We…

MCP – Golden Goose partnership

MCP Insight, a leading provider of Anti-Fraud and Compliance solutions, and Golden Goose, a worldwide mVAS CPA-platform announces the beginning of a joint initiative. Golden Goose continues to implement its strategy for the creation and development of an international mVAS marketplace (DCB HUB), its main task is to combine the efforts and expertise of advertisers and…


We are happy to announce that full Insight Service Tests with video is now available for ALL services found in South Africa for each carrier. Check the video to see where you can find the tests. If you want to know more about our products send us a message via our enquiries page here. MCP…

What are the top 5 VAS categories in Kuwait over the last 3 months?

With more than 189,000 advertising tests logged over 3 months on MCP Scanner, Games is currently the top VAS  category in Kuwait followed by Videos with 54,000 tests and Mixed Content with 8,600 tests. Kuwait’s top service categories (August – October 2020) Image A: Data from MCP Insight’s proprietary webtool MCP Scanner The service category…