DCB Fraud 101

Explore how fraud impacts the mobile payments ecosystem

In recent years, direct carrier billing has established itself as a popular alternative payment method and the volume of transactions using this payment option is soaring.

However, growth in direct carrier billing (DCB) transactions has inevitably attracted the attention of fraudsters and cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities for their own gain.

To ensure that legitimate players in the mobile payments ecosystem can protect their DCB business, it’s vital to understand the fraud landscape. Below we provide a fraud 101 including solutions and best practices to protect your customers and DCB revenue streams.





Robust anti-fraud

Implement advanced fraud detection systems that leverage machine learning algorithms and real-time monitoring to identify patterns and anomalies associated with fraudulent activities. These systems can flag suspicious transactions, abnormal click patterns, or fraudulent installations, allowing for timely intervention.

User behaviour

Analyse user behaviour data to establish baseline patterns and identify deviations that may indicate fraudulent activities. By monitoring user interactions, transaction patterns, and engagement metrics, anomalies and suspicious behaviour can be detected and investigated.

Proactive monitoring
of ad campaigns

Monitoring of ad campaigns, clicks, performance and content to detect any unusual or suspicious activities. Implement approval processes for ad content to ensure compliance with advertising standards and prevent the dissemination of misleading or deceptive ads.

3rd party
consent verification

Deploy a consent management platform to record, log and store proof of user consent. These solutions demonstrate compliance and also can help quickly resolve enquires about unidentified charges on the customers bill.

Vendor &
partner due diligence

Conduct thorough assessments and due diligence of vendors, partners, and third-party service providers to ensure their credibility and security practices. Verify that they have robust fraud prevention measures in place to protect against potential risks, and that they don't have a record of non-compliant activities.

Compliance &
industry standards

Adhere to relevant industry standards, guidelines, and regulations to ensure your ad campaigns are compliant. Stay updated with evolving compliance requirements to ensure ethical business practices and consumer protection.

terms & conditions

Ensure that T&Cs for services, subscriptions, and purchases are clearly communicated to users. Provide comprehensive information about costs, billing cycles, cancellation processes, and any potential third-party charges.

& information sharing

Foster collaboration within the industry to share information, insights, and best practices in fraud prevention. Establish partnerships with other players, industry associations, or fraud detection organisations to exchange knowledge, identify new fraud techniques, and develop proactive measures collectively.

customer care

Establish a responsive and efficient customer care system to handle customer complaints and inquiries promptly. Provide clear channels for customers to report fraudulent activities, ensuring their concerns are taken seriously and resolved in a timely manner

End-user education
& awareness

Educate end-users about potential fraud risks, common scams, and best practices to protect themselves. Promote awareness of fraudulent activities and provide guidance on how to report suspicious behaviour.

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