Federated Kids Database (FKDB)

Safeguarding children, protecting your brand

Ensuring your mVAS advertising campaigns reach the intended audience is crucial. Unintentionally exposing children to inappropriate content can damage your brand reputation and potentially lead to regulatory fines.
MCP’s Federated Kids Database (FKDB) empowers businesses with a continuously audited database of child-targeted apps, YouTube channels, videos, and websites. Integrate FKDB into your advertising campaigns to confidently block or exclude these domains, ensuring your ads reach the right eyes.

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FKDB can be added to your existing subscription. Simply complete the form to request access and we’ll add it to your account.

Furthermore, you can contribute to a safer online environment for children by supplying your own list of child-targeted domains. This allows other partners within the mVAS ecosystem to exclude these domains from their campaigns, maximising protection for young users.


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